Ep 39: Desert Road Trip to Bury our Dear Friend Dom

Kari and Kelly are back from hiatus and coming in hot from the Paris hotel and resort in Las Vegas – they’re in town for FreedomFest, a libertarian conference. In this episode, the ladies talk about about two bucket list items they crossed off on the way there: road tripping from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and burying their dear friend Dom in the desert.

The ladies rent a fancy car, and inspired by the movie Fandango (starring THE Kevin Costner), they get a shovel and start digging a hole in the Mojave Desert to put Dom in. The plan is to come back and dig her up, but only if one of three things happens first.

This brings Kelly and Kari to talk about setting intentions, and what it means for them. This Workationing adventure started with the desire to live more intentionally, and the ladies aren’t done yet. They outline their intentions over the next several months, including losing more weight and getting more serious about their dating game (they both have hot Tinder dates lined up for Amsterdam).

Kari and Kelly touch on the subject of polyamory, their concerns about that particular type of relationship arrangement and whether or not they’d consider being polyamorous with partners in the future.

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