Podcast Ep 40: What Happens at FreedomFest in Vegas

Kari and Kelly are in Las Vegas for the FreedomFest conference, which apparently draws quite the male chauvinist crowd. The ladies detail their experiences at the conference – both Kari and Kelly were approached by different men at the conference, who asked the ladies to prostitute themselves.

One man is the president of a libertarian think tank (he offered to fly Kelly to exotic locations in exchange for sex), the other is a fairly large donor (he asked Kari if she’d like to be his escort for the night). This was a first for both Kari and Kelly, and it was horrifying for them to be treated that way.

The ladies discuss their experiences with men in the liberty movement, and talk about #MeToo talks in hotel rooms with other women. There seems to be a real problem with the behavior of men in the libertarian space, and when the ladies host a “get ready” party for Steve Forbes’ 70th birthday gala, the other women in the hotel room shared their experiences, as well.

There were stories of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and general misogyny – this happens everywhere, but it seems to be especially bad in the liberty movement. Women don’t feel comfortable coming forward because the men in question are high profile, and/or have thousands of “alt-right” followers. These men are invited to speak at conferences and events, where they draw in more like-minded assholes. This is why there aren’t more female libertarians, and why we can’t have nice things.

The ladies discuss why they think it’s worse in the libertarian space, and what people can do to turn around the increasingly toxic culture that exists. First, other men need to start checking each other. Second, the liberty movement should shrink the size of its tent – the alt-right and Red Pill types shouldn’t be tolerated.

As a result of the gross behavior they were subjected to at FreedomFest, the ladies won’t return to the conference next year – and Kari might leave the liberty movement entirely.

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