Podcast Ep 38 — We Lost 105 Pounds!

In a time and place when you can lose weight from anywhere, two ladies in their mid-to-late 27s have decided to – and so far, Kelly and Kari have lost over 100 pounds this year (combined). The ladies have received many emails about their weight loss journey, and in this episode they talk about how they managed to lose the weight equivalent of a chubby fifth grader. Kelly’s about to get a full feature in Women’s Health for her efforts!

Traveling the world while working as digital nomads, you’d think it would be harder to lose weight than at home – this isn’t the case. Kari and Kelly talk about how their travels have influenced their weight loss, and how living intentionally has made all the difference. Both Kari and Kelly have tried (unsuccessfully) to lose weight in the past, and they talk about what makes this time different and how they both got fat in the first place.

Also, can somebody do a wellness check on America? There’s a reason we’re so fat as a country, and the ladies suspect it has something to do with depression, a lazy lifestyle and a dash of self loathing. Abroad, people are generally fit – and even with the weight loss, the ladies still have a ways to go before they’re “European skinny” instead of “American skinny.”

The weight loss journey has been far from perfect, and has been peppered with nachos and fries with mayo. Still, Kari and Kelly are crushing their weight loss goals and Kelly is on track to lose 100 lbs (by herself!) by the end of the year.

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