Podcast Ep 37: Workationing 6-month Recap & Reflection

It’s been a year since Kari and Kelly decided to embark on the adventure that became Workationing, and six months since they’ve been on the road. It’s been quite a trip so far, and now that the ladies have been “out here” on the road for a while, they’re wondering why it took so long to make the jump.


In the beginning, it seemed like all of the barriers to entry into this digital nomad travel lifestyle were insurmountable. However, as the ladies learned, once you take the first step and get some momentum it becomes easier to keep plowing forward.


Whether that plowing forward translates to visiting every continent on earth, starting your own business or anything else that you can imagine, the journey always begins with a single step forward. How long have you been thinking about it, and waiting to take that first step?


Living intentionally has transformed Kari and Kelly’s lives in ways they never expected. Minimalism has become a focal point, and maintaining focus on what really matters is becoming easier and easier throughout the process. There’s been a lot of work done, internally, by both of the Gringas.


In just six months, Workationing has taken the Gringas places they never imagined – including Fast Company, Glamour, USA Today and Women’s Health. In less than half a year they’ve accomplished goals and knocked out six bucket list items, and together they’re down almost 100 pounds. Still, there’s a lot more to go for Kelly and Kari, including burying their dear friend Dom in the desert.


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Hunter S. Thompson’s Letter to a Friend:



Fandango, starring Kevin Costner in his prime:



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