Podcast Ep 36 — Where We Went Wrong: Acapulco Edition

Kari and Kelly have successfully escaped from Acapulco, and are in San Diego, California breathing the sweet air of American freedom. They left a few days earlier than planned, but it wasn’t soon enough.

Several mistakes were made in the planning process of this leg of the Workationing adventure – chiefly, the ladies never should’ve landed in Acapulco in the first place. Once again, decision fatigue set in and led the Gringas somewhere weird – and unfortunately, that wasn’t the only error they made.

When you’ve been sick for two weeks straight, maybe it’s time to shift locations instead of hoping things will get better. There’s a good chance they won’t. Probably at least one of the ladies should’ve made a hospital visit, but nobody wanted to find out firsthand what the inside of an Acapulco ER looked like.

Also, crazy Airbnb hosts should not be tolerated. If they tell you they’re crazy early on with weird behavior, BELIEVE THEM. They’re only going to get crazier as they get more comfortable.

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