Podcast Ep 35 — Dear God, Get Us Out of Here!

The ladies HATE Acapulco, and can’t wait to get out. June was the deadliest month in Acapulco’s history, with 2,234 murders – it’s very murdery out here, and the Gringas are ready to leave.

Aside from all the killing that goes on courtesy of the cartel activity in the area, there are other problems. Gabriela the Airbnb host has turned into a Code Red stalker, and has done everything from send a “real estate agent” in to take pics of the house (pre housekeeping service) to text message Kelly every goddamn day. The ladies want to escape Gabriela almost as they want to escape Acapulco.

Kelly had a terrifying encounter with a large snake at the pool, and the Gringas are terrified that a bat is going to fly into their condo.

Also, there’s a real dog problem in these streets. The ladies talk about a certain (alleged!) scam artist who is working to draw more expats to Acapulco, and his strategy of roaming with his own pack of dogs. Kelly’s noticed this strategy, and has hot tips on how you can maximize the effectiveness of your dog pack (hint: you’re going to need specialists).

Having been sick for almost 4 weeks straight, Kari and Kelly have decided to cut their Acapulco trip a few days short and head to San Diego – and the land of drinkable tap water – early.

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