Podcast Ep 34 — Cartel Country 2: Gringas in Acapulco

Santiago is back in town (check out the Medellín episodes to get the full story on this character), and he came just in time to see Kari and Kelly through some sort of crazy food poisoning flu situation.

Kelly finally Googles Acapulco, which – turns out – is the most dangerous city in Mexico, and has been since 2012. The ladies talk about some of the cartel activity that occurs in the Pearl of the Pacific, including: assassinations via jet ski, multiple heads on pikes outside of government buildings and shooting tourists in the streets, among many other horrific events that have recently occurred.

The Gringas are happy that they’ve imported a fixer for this leg, because Acapulco is an incredibly dangerous place. It’s not just not up to code, it’s not a place two ladies should be Workationing alone.

Toward the end of the episode, the ladies take a detour to talk about what it’s like to lose weight around men – and hear their opinions on related matters. It’s a fun feminist rant that many listeners are likely to identify with.

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