Podcast Ep 26 — Gringas on a Diet: The Hangering

If there’s one thing Kelly and Kari love, it’s being on a diet – and in Montreal, Canada they’ve decided to get serious about it. Since Workationing started, Kelly is down 50 pounds and Kari’s knocked off 15 – but there’s still a little ways to go before they reach their goal weight.

The Gringas are thoroughly enjoying dieting delicacies like raw cauliflower, vitamin gummies and all the eggs they can handle. Kelly can’t stop lunging everywhere, and Kari plans to ride her burpee downtown.

The best news about eating so much in Medellín, Colombia is that now they get to P90X their way to buffer bodies. And the ladies can’t wait to BRING IT with their workouts.

In their spare time, the ladies plank and think about what kind of infused water they’re going to make for lunch. Kari has dreams of wearing a gold lamé dress, sans Spanx, to a yacht prom.

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