Podcast Ep 27 — We Made it to Montreal!

Kari has her car back for this leg of Workationing, and the ladies made it through Vermont, across the Canadian border and into their Airbnb in the Pointe St. Charles area of Montreal. Approximately a third of the way through the gentrification process, this neighborhood is about as diverse as they come. Plus, Jock is in town – the Gringas first met him in Medellin, and he randomly happens to be staying in Montreal for business.

Fancy cars intermingle with crackie looking homeless people in the Pointe St. Charles neighborhood of Montreal. All the signs are in French and the local corner store looks like it’s recently been looted. The opioid crisis is clearly not isolated to America, and the situation is looking a little crackie. Still, this all feels a lot safer than Medellin, Colombia.

The situation in Montreal felt so safe, in fact, that the ladies split up for the first time since starting Workationing in January. Kari drove down to Boston for the New England Cannabis Convention and Marijuana Policy Project fundraiser, and Kelly stayed in Montreal to go to a queer dance. Fun and shenanigans were had by all.

The ladies talk about finding and/or creating an intentional community of travelers to tour the world (and split costs!) with, and talk about how their friendships with other digital nomads are different than some of their older friendships. Life on the road is definitely a lot different than life back at home.

Overall Montreal is a beautiful city with terrible weather, and the ladies are impatiently waiting for summer to arrive. In the meantime, Kari and Kelly have been sampling the local

How was their border crossing, and how long did it take? How many parking tickets is too many in Canada?

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