Ep 25: Kari's Birthday & Favorite Place in the World

It’s Kari’s birthday, and the ladies are spending the time at the world famous Indian Head Resort in beautiful Lincoln, New Hampshire. Kari often says that it’s entirely possible that she’s going to travel the world looking for the perfect place to live, only to end up back in Lincoln. Kari is VERY excited to tell the listeners about Lincoln.

Lincoln is like the land that time forgot and has a bit of everything: trained bears, dinners on trains, moose watching, skiing, rock climbing, an ice castle, farmer’s markets, a beer festival, and, of course, the Indian Head rock formation. But the real gem of the town is the world famous Indian Head Resort, right by the scene of “The Incident.”

If you’ve ever seen Dirty Dancing and wished that you, too, could have the time of your life, and the world famous Indian Head Resort is for you. There are vintage tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, a killer view of Indian Head rock, and chits that you REALLY don’t want to lose (there are some problems that Jeff at the front desk can’t even solve for you).

“The Incident” took place right in front of the Indian Head Resort, and is the first encounter of the third kind to be recorded by authorities. Betty and Barney Hill claimed to be abducted by aliens in Lincoln while on their way back from vacation in Montreal. Now, they have a historic marker to commemorate their weirdness. Kelly and Kari talk about The Incident, and what makes Betty Hill a grifter worth admiring.

Resource links, including the website of the world famous Indian Head Resort:


Wiki page of THE INCIDENT:


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