Workationing Ep 7: The Angela Keaton Interview

Angela Keaton of comes to visit Kelly and Kari in Aguada, and shares some stories of her own travels. There are bike rodeos, sex hotels, road trips to Canada, run ins with Portuguese law enforcement, and weird foods that may or may not be accompanied by creamy sauces.

Angela also gets into what it’s like to travel alone and how she learned to trust her gut when it comes to personal safety. Sometimes, being polite and rational can be dangerous!

Now that she’s spent a full week with us on Workation, what’s Angela think of what we’re doing here? Does workationing actually work for her? Is this what a downward spiral looks like, or are we living our best lives here? And what did she think of swimming in the bio bay?

Special thanks to Angela Keaton for agreeing to be part of this podcast. If you’d like to check out her work, head on over to and maybe pop a quick donation their way.

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