Workationing Ep 6: Lessons Learned from the Road

Kelly and Kari have learned A LOT on this leg of Workation – including the fact that they made a lot of mistakes along the way and didn’t realize it until it was almost too late. Did they witness a gang fight on horses? How safe were they, actually, in Puerto Rico?

The ladies learned the hard way that you should always Google street view not just the outside of your Airbnb, but also where you’ll be walking regularly. What do those “steps to the beach” look like, and how many wild dogs will you encounter on your trek? More best practices and tips for finding safe and enjoyable Airbnbs are covered, as well.

Kelly tells a horrifying story about getting into a sketchy Uber, and what that taught her about getting out of bad situations before they get worse. Despite all of the mistakes that Kelly and Kari made on this leg of the trip, they did do some things right – including hitting their personal and professional goals, and knocking out a bucket list item.

That bucket list item, by the way, is swimming in one of the only bioluminescent bays in the world. Kari and Kelly talk about what it was like to swim in water that twinkled and glowed around them, and give helpful advice on how to have the best bio bay experience (and who to call!).

More info about the bio bay, what it was like, and how to experience it the max can be viewed at this blog post:

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