Ep 50 - There Is No Spoon: Overcoming Mental Blocks

Kari and Kelly have been working hard to launch their new training program for aspiring digital nomads. Along the way they’ve been having lots of discussions with people about the mental blocks that keep them from moving forward toward their goals, and they’re beginning to notice a pattern.

From getting stuck in bad habits to grappling with imposter syndrome, there are a lot of mental landmines to maneuver around when you’re making a big change in your life. The ladies tackle the most common ones and share what they’ve learned about how to deal with them. (Though admittedly, it’s an ongoing battle.)

Kari and Kelly also dish on their secret weapon for self-improvement: their internet therapists. They’re easier, less expensive, and more flexible than a traditional therapist and they can be a real lifesaver when it comes to accountability and processing through major life changes.

Want to try internet therapy for yourself? Check out BetterHelp.com/Workationing

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