Workationing Ep 49 - Depression, Breakups & Expatting

In the Giant Catch-Up, Part 2 the ladies dig into how they caught a major case of the winter blues. Business is booming, which required travel to San Diego and Edinburgh, Scotland…where the ladies holed up in their AirBnb and binge-watched Outlander.

Both Kari and Kelly experience breakups, and faceplant off of the keto diet and into gaining a weird amount of weight in a very short period of time. Expatting and integrating into Dutch society proves to be more challenging than the Gringas were expecting.

Kari visits a Dutch spa, where the situation is very much coed and everyone is 100% naked. Awkwardness and embarrassment ensue.

The ladies pull out of their nosedive and back onto their bikes, over to the gym – Jos is back in the game, and they’re seeing major progress. Your Gringas get accepted into an exclusive club, and win friends through Kelly’s Total Eclipse of Karaoke.

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