Podcast Ep 24: Adventures in Coliving

Kari and Kelly are in Manchester, New Hampshire for the next week – and they’re sharing a large house with five other adults, like a grown-ass version of The Real World. What happens when seven people share a space on an ongoing basis? Is it amazing, or a recipe for disaster?

The ladies talk about their experiences, how much coliving rentals cost in both the US and abroad, plus what’s included. Coliving has always been sort of a hippie thing, but millennials are taking it over – or at least, putting their own spin on it. Kari and Kelly discuss where they could see it going right (and really, really wrong).

There’s big money behind coliving, too. Silicon Valley-backed startups and goliaths alike are getting into the coworking and coliving trend, with companies like WeLive and Common creating coliving spaces to be shared by 8+ adults. The cost? Anywhere from $1,500-$2,000 or more per room in coliving houses located in Oakland, California and Brooklyn, New York.

But who is coliving really good for? Kari and Kelly outline what types of personalities and lifestyles they think it could be best for (single moms should get in on this trend!). They also cover a few ‘worst case scenarios’ and top things to consider before writing the first rent check.

Resource links, referenced in the podcast:

Quartz article: https://qz.com/990247/co-living-startups-like-welive-and-common-are-selling-millennials-the-hippie-dream-minus-the-hard-work-and-revolution/

The Guardian article:


Sun and Co pricing:


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