Podcast Ep 23: How Do You Live Intentionally?

Intentional living has been a primary focus for Kari and Kelly throughout the whole Workationing process – dating back to the very beginning, when they first decided to become digital nomads in the first place. In this episode, the ladies talk about the 5 Ws of living intentionally (which they stole from a journalism club in high school).

Who is your life right now, and do they belong there? What are you doing, and are you happy about it? When is the right time, if not now (note: there will NEVER be a “right time” to do just about anything). Where do you live, and did you pick that place or just sort of end up there? Add a solid dose of “why” to all of the above, and you’re well on your way to living intentionally.

The ladies see intentional living play out in all kinds of different ways, based on what individuals prefer. For example, in ethnically non-monogamous relationships (polyamory, anyone?). Cohousing, sustainable living, intentional communities and ethically sourced food are just some of the benefits of living intentionally. Hell, you can even get your minimalism on – which both Kelly and Kari highly recommend.

There’s also a check-in with your Gringas re: how all of this intentional living is working out for them so far. The changes have been noticeable, varied and sometimes unexpected. It’s definitely not all fun!

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