- Ep 10: Iguana in Aguada: The Fixer Interview

Kari and Kelly have talked a lot about fixers, and their value on the road – and in this episode, they interview William, their first fixer. William is the king of the grift, and he talks about how you can find money anywhere…even in the trees.

Speaking of trees, William is the one who introduced the ladies to the term “chicken of the trees,” which is what some Puerto Rican locals are trying to rebrand iguana meat as. William talks about how he found the people who sell iguana meat, and how he’s discovered the potential business opportunity in catching and selling live iguanas.

Iguanas aren’t the only thing William was after in Puerto Rico, though. He also was able to free dive for conch and octopus (octopuses?), and teach the ladies a thing or two about making money on the road.

What’s it like to be a fixer for Kari and Kelly? What’s the best grift William’s ever run? Lots of ground is covered here, and you won’t want to miss it.

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