- Ep 11: We Made it to Medellín!

Kari and Kelly have made it to the second leg of Workationing in Medellín, Colombia. They thought they’d solve the problems of the last location by renting an Airbnb in a high rise apartment complex, but that proves to have its own set of risks and complications.

Somehow, the ladies seem to have landed in the sex tourist skyscraper – and there are a lot of Americans here. Somebody lost a cousin Greg, and needs to come pick him up at the rooftop pool where he’s drunk, banging teenagers and embarrassing your family.

The views are amazing and the city is gorgeous, but there’s a lot going on under the surface. A week into this segment of Workationing, the ladies have learned all kinds of new things about money laundering, chop shops, surgeons and Tindering in cartel country.

A few days into the Medellín stay, the girls get spooked by a fairly threatening man and hole up in their apartment for several days. It’s not all scary and bad, though. The digital nomad community in Medellín is up and popping, the views are incredible and the food is absolutely out of this world…if you can stay alive long enough to eat it.

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