Ep 14: Finding Fixers in Medellin

The last two fixers Kari and Kelly had (in the Puerto Rico leg of Workationing) were imported friends from the United States – but how will the ladies find fixers in Colombia? In this episode, Kari and Kelly talk about their two main fixers in Medellín, including how they found the fixers and what these fixers have done for them.

Mauricio and Santiago saved the day a few times, and are helping keep the ladies safe as they traverse unfamiliar territory in South America. From sourcing mic cords for the podcast rig to supplying sparkling wine (delivered!) for a brunch full of female digital nomads, these gentlemen made life on the road MUCH easier for the Gringas.

In several situations, Santiago was particularly helpful – including steering the ladies away from certain danger with a cartel or two, and dropping his dinner plans to come to their rescue at a restaurant.

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