Women’s Health, Fast Co and Bustle (Oh, My!) – Workationing Featured in 22 Outlets So Far!

What a crazy year! As we take stock of the past year traveling the world (10 countries on 4 continents so far!), we have to say we’re really excited about Kelly’s recent profile in Women’s Health. Get it, Queen!

This is just the icing on top of a great year for us. Besides Kelly’s latest success story, we’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with some wunderkinds from various outlets to talk Workationing and digital nomadry:

Kari DePhillips, CEO of The Content Factory and founder of Workationing

We’ve been so productive while workationing, in fact, that we’ve taken to shouting about the benefits of digital nomadry from the rooftops (or into microphones).

Kelly Chase, founder of Workationing and digital strategist at The Content Factory.

Speaking of space, we’re particularly proud of breaking some barriers within the space– namely being female nomads in a vastly male-dominated realm.

Over the past nine months we’ve been to Puerto Rico, Medellín, Boston, Montreal, Manchester, Acapulco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Germany, Prague, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and South Africa – with more destinations to come.

For now, have a look at our year in review, and listen to The Workationing Podcast to hear all about our adventures along the way!

Kari DePhillips Kelly Chase and Steve Forbes

We even got to help Steve Forbes celebrate his 70th birthday in Las Vegas (check out those sequins!).

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