Ep 56: How to Become a Digital Nomad

As fans of the Workationing podcast already know, Kari and Kelly huge advocates of the digital nomad lifestyle. The ladies have used their ability to work remotely

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travel the world
You Can Travel the World & Live Like a Baller for $40k/year – Here’s How

What kind of life can you live on $40k per year? At more than $15k below the median household income in the United States, you’re probably imagining

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work from anywhere
How to Untether Your Life and Work From Anywhere

The biggest barrier to entry into the workationing lifestyle is being able to work from anywhere. There’s one thing all of us digital nomads have in common:

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Workation: we work remotely
What is Workationing?

Definition of Workationing: Workationing, (verb) – methodically bouncing around to different locations around the world, working along the way. Ideally, you stay in one place long enough

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