Ep 53: Relationshit Part 3: When to Walk Away vs. Run Away Screaming

In the final chapter of the Relationshit trilogy, Kari and Kelly talk about when to walk away from a relationship…and when to run away screaming. When you’re a person of a certain age, should you settle at some point? When do you know when it’s time to hit the “tap out” button, whether that means staying or going?

If you don’t have a shared vision of the future, it might be time to go. See also: if you’re not sexually compatible or the chemistry just isn’t there. What happens when you’re no longer sexually attracted to your partner – or your partner is no longer sexually attracted to you?

The ladies also get into trust and communication issues, and what that looks like (if you’re constantly going through your partners’ phones looking for evidence of cheating, either you’ve got a broken boyfriend/girlfriend selector or you’re the one with trust issues.

Finally, what does an abusive relationship look like? Kari opens up about her experiences with emotional abuse, and the ladies talk about what different types of abuse can look like. When your partner constantly undermines or gaslights you, or generally treats you like shit, it’s time to go. If your partner ever hits you, it’s time to run away screaming (and get help on your way out, because it can be a dangerous situation).

To find a list of international domestic violence hotlines and get help, go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_domestic_violence_hotlines

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