Podcast Ep 51: Dating in Your 30s (and Beyond)

The ladies are finally making good on their promise to talk about relationshit, and in this ep they cover all aspects of dating in your 30s (and beyond). Everything is on the table, incuding exes and sexes, financial differences, dating with (or actively without) kids, sexual compatibility, age gaps and the “what if” relationships that failed along the way.

The reality of dating while getting older (wait, is that my biological alarm I hear going off in the not-to-far distance) is hitting the ladies like a speeding tram. Kari and Kelly discuss how Sex and the City wasn’t just a show, but a prophecy, and what that means for them and their friends.

The vulnerability level of this episode is off the charts, and the ladies discuss things that many single women in their 30s and 40s think about but rarely talk about. It’s a tough episode, but at least we’ve all got internet therapy to help us cope with it all.

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