Podcast Ep 45 - Keeping it Weird in Amsterdam (Part 1)

After a short hiatus to catch up on new business, Kari and Kelly are back – and have quite a few stories to share from the 2.5 months they’ve been in Amsterdam. Kari goes to Paris and Barcelona with the guy she’s been seeing, and the ladies knock out two bucket list items: seeing a sex show and captaining a boat through the canals.

The Gringas get a few visitors, too: Kelly’s friends Sarah and Tim come to visit, and the ladies also play host to Suzannah Weiss, a prolific sex and relationship writer whose work is regularly featured in Glamour, Vice and Bustle, among others. Suzannah is also a digital nomad, coming in hot from Germany, and a member of the Workationing International Girl Squad (IGS).

The ladies have selected their next stop: Boston, to run a crypto conference, then the Catskills to chill out for a while in New York at one of Kari’s friends’ cabin (thanks, Jackson!).

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