Ep 44 - Gringas in a Strange Land 2: The Dutch-ening

Kari and Kelly are settling into their new digs in Amsterdam, and loving life on the canals. However, the culture shock factor is more than they bargained for. It turns out that even outside of Latin America, your girls still feel very much like gringas

After finally figuring out that the extremely fancy spot two doors down is actually a gym, Kari and Kelly sign up to work on their fitness. The staff, however, is none too pleased with their insistence on wearing their yoga pants in off the street like animals.

Your gringas refuse to be deterred by all the side-eye and get an insanely hot trainer named Jos. They asked for a mean trainer and got a funny one with lots of Dutch sayings to share instead, but Kari and Kelly aren’t even mad. It turns out to be a great fit.

The ladies also discuss how tax law and Dutch cheapness are the reason behind the inexplicably steep staircases they keep having to climb. Kelly has some serious concerns about all these babies with no helmets, and Kari is going to take a hostage in a restaurant if someone doesn’t bring her the check soon.

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