Ep 43 — Amsterdam: The Tinder Game is FIRE!

After leaving Prague early, the ladies are posting up in Amsterdam for at least two months…assuming they ever get into their new apartment. Pro travel tip: if you’re going to be digital nomad-ing, look for rental agencies that cater to expats. You’re going to save 50% on monthly Airbnb rental fees this way.

The ladies get to find out how European and American banking systems differ, and that difference keeps them in a hotel for several extra days. The Tinder game out here is on fire, and the ladies have pre-swiped their way to a few dates.

On Day 1 in Amsterdam, Kari goes on a Tinder date with Paul, who takes her to a fancy restaurant followed by drag queen bingo at a gay bar. The weird factor is high with this one, and there may be some long-term potential here.

Kelly’s first Tinder date doesn’t go as well, which sparks a feminist rant that you won’t want to miss.

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