Podcast Ep 32 — We Made it to Acapulco, Mexico!

The ladies have gone from Montreal to Boston to live tweet from the Pride parade (work is tough sometimes), and have now settled into their Airbnb in Acapulco. How’d they find this place? It starts with Kiwi.com, the Flo Rida music video for Whistle and a $177 one-way flight – and ends with some killer views and regrets.

Acapulco is hot AF, and the sweat situation is making it a real challenge to stay hydrated. Kari got sick almost immediately upon arrival, and a stranger broke into the apartment at 9am…just in time to see Kelly with no pants on. The ladies also have a cray cray Airbnb host to contend with, which should make this an interesting leg of the trip.

Fortunately, Santiago has heard of this Acapulco business and isn’t at all impressed – he’s flying in to keep an eye on the Gringas in this strange, and allegedly dangerous, city. Before listening to this episode, check out the Medellin content (specifically, Finding Fixers in Medellin and Gringas in a Strange Land) to become acquainted with THE Santiago, who has become our ultimate fixer.

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