Podcast Ep 30 — Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins (oh my!)

Kari and Kelly have known about Bitcoin since the early days…one got in, the other is hodling on to some bithurt. In this episode, the ladies talk about their histories with cryptocurrencies and the insane amount of regret they – and other people they know – have about not buying in soon enough (or not hodling on long enough).

Don’t know what hodl means? No prob, Kelly’s got you covered with a dramatic reading of the HODL forum post that went viral. There’s also an acapella rendition of Hodl On for One More Day to the tune of the Wilson Phillips song.

The ladies discuss various use cases for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, including remittance to developing countries and charities that want transparency and to ensure funds get to the right place. In countries where hyperinflation is running rampant (like Venezuela), Bitcoin is literally saving lives.

Kari and Kelly also talk about the various ways you can get Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other cryptocurrencies (see related links, below). There are traditional exchanges, or you can meet up with a dude from Craigslist or Facebook, or you can go to New Hampshire and try to hunt down a Bitcoin millionaire – the ladies give you some clues on what to look for in order to find one.

Fortunately for Kelly, there’s a Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal that has Bitcoin ATMs she can buy crypto from. Unfortunately for Kelly, that Bitcoin Embassy is closed until the day after the ladies leave the city.

Luckily, Chainsaw is in Montreal for a bachelor party! Chainsaw is a Bitcoin bro Kari’s known for years, and the ladies met up with him while he was in town. He set Kelly up with a Bitcoin wallet, now she just needs to put some crypto in there.

To thank him for his help, the Gringas helped Chainsaw miss his plane back to Central America. Two days later, he’s still in Montreal.

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