Ep 29 — Get Unstuck: How to Escape a S****y Situation

The most powerful force in the world is habit, and the ladies are creating some new ones for themselves. One of these habits is clocking 10,000 steps on their FitBits each day, which leaves a lot of time for talking. Specifically, talking about escaping.

The Escape Room activity during Kelly’s birthday got the ladies thinking about ways in which they’ve been trapped, and ways they see their friends getting trapped in situations that prevent them from being happy, accomplishing goals and realizing their full potential. Living intentionally isn’t easy, but it’s worth working through that process.

Kari and Kelly talk about feeling trapped and seeing people trapped in bad relationships, jobs and careers, hometowns, debt or other financial obligations, less than ideal bodies, and poor habits. The first step to escaping a situation you’re feel trapped in is to recognize that you want to get out of it. The ladies talk about how they mapped out plans for their own escapes, and how others can follow a similar plan.

There are some harsh truths about escaping shitty situations. First, you have to admit that you’re trapped. Second, you need to get some perspective on what it’s going to take to get out. No matter what way you feel trapped, you can escape – but you might not like what you have to give up to get out.

There’s a ticking clock on life, which means that you don’t have an infinite amount of time to do the things that you want to. Accepting that some costs are sunk, and being willing to move on, can be a painful process but the not as painful as learning the hard way (and too late) about the sunk cost fallacy.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind, and when you do you shouldn’t view it as progress instead of a personal failure. Be honest with yourself, but also be compassionate with yourself. And surround yourself with other people who behave the same way.

Finally, the ladies talk about their process for mapping out escape plans. It involves Post-It notes, and windows with a view.

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