Ep 28 — Escape Room, Poker Tournament & Kelly's BD

Operation: Make Kelly Cry was a smashing success, and Kelly had one of the best 27th birthdays she’s ever had. To celebrate another year of being 27, the ladies had a bucket list weekend: two items crossed off of their bucket lists in two days.

The first bucket list item was escaping the zombie apocalypse at A/MAZE Montreal, a big warehouse that features several different escape room scenarios. After being infected with the zombie virus, Kelly and Kari must escape out of a locked room, create the antidote to the virus, and then escape again – all within an hour. The ladies really threw themselves into this one!

Next up was entering a Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament at a Playground Poker Club, just outside of Montreal. The ladies were one of several hundred people who entered, and only around 2 percent of the people there were women – if you’re a lady at a poker table, you’re in for a real treat. That treat, specifically, is sitting at a table with at least one asshole.

Resource links:

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/workationing

A/MAZE Montreal: http://www.amazemontreal.com/
Playground Poker Club: https://www.playgroundpoker.ca/

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