Ep 22: Floating in an Isolation Tank (Bucket List Item #3)

The Gringas have learned from their mistake in Medellín, and so they decided to front-load their bucket list item for this leg of Workationing: floating in an isolation tank. What’s it like to float in a black box filled with 93.5º water and 850 pounds of Epsom salt? They’ve always wanted to find out, and they tried it…for the full 90 minutes.

Some people hallucinate while floating in isolation tanks, as if they’re on LSD or magic mushrooms. Other people take strokes off of their golf game, come up with complex mathematical theories or even draft entire sections of books while floating. Joe Rogan swears by these isolation tanks – but what will it be like for Kelly and Kari?

The ladies found out first hand, and talk about it during this episode – plus their tips for how to make the most out of your floating experience (should you decide to give it a try yourself). Kari even figured out a way to scam an extra 25 minutes of float time, for free!

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