Ep 19: Lessons Learned from Medellín

The Gringas made a few mistakes in Medellín, starting before they even arrived. Turns out, the strategies you use to pick a sweet Airbnb in the U.S. are NOT the same that you want to use in Colombia. Kelly and Kari give tips on how to avoid ending up in a filing cabinet full of sex tourists.

The ladies also talk about confirmation bias in research, and reiterate the importance of checking the byline on travel articles. Also, you might want to make sure you understand the exchange rate before you start spending foreign cash.

The most important lesson the ladies learned on this leg of Workationing was to not put off the bucket list items – because you don’t know if (or when) you’ll have another opportunity to cross them off.

It wasn’t all bad, though – your Gringas did do some things right, including finding a place with a rooftop pool, in an area packed with other digital nomads. Medellín is what made Kelly and Kari feel like “real” travelers, and if they can make it out of Colombia alive there’s probably nothing they can’t do.

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